Table 1.

Regressions against swimming speed

Amplitude (L)0.0699±0.00060.3728.930.096a
Frequency (Hz)1.3±0.10+1.30±0.070.57226.350.036a
Wavelength (L)0.597±0.0050.21513.480.067
Tail velocity (L s−1)0.09±0.02+0.56±0.01b0.872110.80.009a
Wave speed (L s−1)0.39±0.02+1.07±0.01b0.9572381.00.0004
Strouhal number0.324±0.0030.1724.390.171
Jet magnitude (L s−1)0.20±0.01+0.122±0.0080.46121.290.044
Jet angle (deg.)89.43±0.01c0.3550.830.458
Jet diameter (L)0.205±0.0010.1364.980.155
  • Regression coefficients are for joint regression across all individuals. Only the overall mean value is listed for non-significant regressions. F and P values are for the effect of swimming speed, including individual as a random effect. Individual is significant (P<0.05) in all regressions.

    aN=275; bsignificantly different from 1 (P<0.05); cnot significantly different from 90 (P=0.407).