Table 1.

Adduction response in animals with muscular and nervous damage

LesionNSurvivalNormal adduction
Ventral muscles - unilateral1888
Ventral muscles - bilateral2432
Ventral muscles - unilateral and multisegmental3433
Dorsal nerve cut - unilateral444
Dorsal nerve cut - bilateral333
Dorsal nerve cut - unilateral and multisegmental333
  • 125-90% muscle disruption; 260-80% muscle disruption; 330-60% muscle disruption. Ventral muscles, including VIL, ventral external oblique (VEO), ventral internal oblique (VIO), ventral internal medial (VIM) and ventral external medial (VEM), in the A4 and A5 segments were damaged between 25% and 90% using fine dissecting scissors. The dorsal nerve in the A5 and A6 segments was severed in separate experimental trials. Animals were left to recover for 24 h before their adduction response was tested. To test for the ability to adduct, animals were placed on their dorsal side, and medial haris were stimulated with fine forceps. Stimulation occurred at least five times per animal. Normal responses were those in which 80% of medial hair stimulation reliably evoked adduction.