Table 2.

Comparison of force, impulse and power from PIV and EBT

PIV coefficientDimensionalEBT coefficientDimensionalF1,2P
Lateral force*0.097±0.0014.64 mN0.090±0.0034.31 mN0.4900.556
Lateral impulse 0.0217±0.0004 0.76 mN s 0.0062±0.0001 0.216 mN s 36.18 0.027
Thrust force0.0166±0.00040.79 mN
Max. lateral power0.0297±0.0007391 μW0.0286±0.0005376 μW0.1030.778
Mean lateral power0.0151±0.0003198 μW0.0148±0.0003195 μW0.2000.699
Max. total power 0.065±0.003 855 μW 0.0286±0.0005 376 μW 16.25 0.056
Mean total power0.023±0.002303 μW0.0148±0.0003195 μW0.2920.643
  • Bold indicates a significant difference.

    P values are calculated including individuals as a random effect. The individual was a significant effect in all comparisons (P<0.001) except for lateral force (P<0.090). N=118.

    Dimensional values are calculated from the coefficients for a 20 cm-long eel.

  • * Compares mean lateral force from particle image velocimetry (PIV) to peak value from elongated body theory (EBT)

  • Thrust force could only be calculated using EBT