Table 1.

Effects of temperature and rapid cold-hardening on courtship parameters in D. melanogaster

Mating temperatureTreatment group (N)Number of courtship eventsDuration of individual courtship events (min)Courtship index (%)
16°CControl (22)0.9±0.2a9.6±0.8a20.6±5.7a
16°CRCH (20)1.6±0.3a,b19.1±3.4b53.3±8.4b
23°CControl (20)3.0±0.8b,c7.9±1.2a40.8±6.3a,b
23°CRCH (19)6.6±2.1c4.9±0.7a52.3±3.9b
  • Flies in the rapid cold-hardening (RCH) group were subjected to a 2-h 16°C pre-treatment prior to mating trials. Control flies were held at 23°C until immediately before transfer to the mating temperature. Courtship index is defined as the percentage of the 1-h mating trial that a pair spends in reproductive behavior. Values are given as means ± s.e.m.; N=number of pairs. Values within columns are statistically different if they do not share a common letter (Kruskal—Wallis, multiple comparisons post-hoc tests, P<0.05).