Table 5.

Resonant frequency (fo) and quality factor (Q) of the left and right fore-wings of Teleogryllus oceanicus

VariableLeft wingaRight wingb
fo (kHz)4.63±0.16 (8)4.83±0.29 (7)
Q when driven via plectrum22.4±6.1 (8)14.15±6.5 (7)
Q when driven on anal area24.9±10.2 (8)-
  • Values are means ± S.D. The number of wings that were measured are given in parentheses.

  • a Measurements for the left fore-wing were driven by probe rod vibration via the left plectrum or on the left anal area.

  • b Measurements of the right wing were driven by probe rod vibration through the left plectrum applied at the middle of the right file.