Table 2.

Peak MCP joint angle, vertical GRF and the vertical GRF associated with an MCP joint angle of 230° (calculated from linear regression lines of the loading phase of the MCP joint angle—vertical GRF relationship for each horse/gait) during the stance phase of walk, trot, lead canter, non-lead canter and jump landing

WalkTrotLead canterNon-lead canterJump landing
Peak MCP joint angle (degrees)216±5232±4228±2238±7234±6
Peak vertical GRF (N kg-1)6.16±0.5310.73±1.229.74±1.4011.96±0.6610.60±1.27
Vertical GRF at MCP joint angle of 230° (loading) (N kg-1)9.25±1.139.99±1.2310.49±1.229.40±1.239.80±1.88
Vertical GRF at MCP joint angle of 230° (unloading) (N kg-1)9.66±1.809.39±1.239.67±1.168.83±1.348.74±1.00
  • Values are means ± S.D. (N=4-7).

    MCP, metacarpo-phalangeal; GRF, vertical ground reaction force.