Table 2.

Locomotor dynamics in Monodelphis domestica

All (N=90)PWalks (N=8)Non-aerial runs (N=28)Aerial runs (N=54)
Velocity (m s-1)0.948±0.039<0.00010.642±0.1000.658±0.0541.144+0.039*
Duty factor (%)41.5±0.6<0.000151.4±1.3*44.5±0.738.4±0.5
Limb phase (%)47.8±0.5<0.000150.6±1.544.8±0.8*49.0±0.6
% Recovery3.4±0.30.4373.4±0.93.1±0.53.8±0.3
Phase shift (degrees)13.7±0.20.6437.4±7.217.7±3.914.7±2.8
  • Values are means ± S.E.M. for all 90 steps analyzed, and P values and post-hoc tests for ANOVA comparing walking (duty factors 50% or greater), non-aerial and aerial running (duty factors less than 50%) gaits.

  • * Significantly different post-hoc comparison at P<0.0001.