Table 3.

Ultrastructural characteristics of pectoral adductor muscle fibres from four species of Antarctic fishes

N. coriicepsG. gibberifronsC. aceratusC. rastrospinosus
Sv(cs,mit) (μm-1)33.60±3.02A37.68±3.62A20.79±1.60B25.47±1.81B
Sv(cs,m) (m2g-1)9.14±0.88A8.89±0.85B10.91±0.65B9.08±0.53A,B
  • Vv(mit,f), volume density of mitochondria; Vv(lip,f), volume density of lipid droplets; Sv(cs,mit), cristae surface density; Sv(cs,m), cristae surface density per g muscle.

    Values are means ± S.E.M.

    Letters designate significant differences among species (P<0.05).

  • * Londraville and Sidell (1990a).