Table 2.

Echolocation call measurements made from free-flying Mystacina tuberculata

Call parameter Forest (N=31 calls, 9 bats) Open (N=11 calls, 3 bats)
Pulse duration (ms)2.5±0.43.5±0.3
Pulse interval (ms)72.3±23.480.7±18.9
Minimum frequency of fundamental harmonic (kHz)18.6±0.819.3±0.8
Frequency of most energy in fundamental harmonic (kHz)27.7±2.726.6±1.4
Maximum frequency of fundamental harmonic (kHz)37.4±2.136.3±1.5
Upper frequency of third harmonic (kHz)90.7±4.986.3±2.9
Frequency of most energy in second harmonic (kHz)49.3±2.545.5±1.7
  • Calls were recorded in a forested area close to the roost or from three bats released in an open area devoid of trees. Means ± S.D. of all calls are reported.