Table 1.

Results of the Generalised Linear Mixed Model analysis (N=633)

Term *d.f.Wald / d.f.P
A(Burrow) track distance115.64<0.001
BTrack angle84.89<0.001
CCrab side15.710.017
DPresentation repeat55.47<0.001
E(Crab) track distance10.370.543
F(Crab) track distance × approach side20.290.748
GCrab sex10.120.734
HCrab size10.010.930
I(Crab) burrow distance12.530.112
JDummy size10.180.669
KDummy brightness11.210.271
LDummy speed12.750.097
MDummy direction10.060.804
  • * Variables are measured at the start of the experiment.

  • The Wald statistic is a measure of statistical significance. Larger values indicate higher significance.