Table 1.

Height, length and surface are of the protruding lamellae, and ILCM height and volume, in fish in normoxia and 7 days of hypoxia

Protruding lamellar height4.7±0.1 (N=45) (h)33.4±1.1 (N=54) (H)
Protruding lamellar basal length91.8±1.4 (N=30) (l)118.2±0.6 (N=21) (L)
ILCM height55.8±2.2 (N=45) (hi)27.1±1.2 (N=54) (Hi)
Protruding lamellae area1195 μm28898 μm2
ILCM volume2.01*105 μm39.79*104 μm3
  • Values are means ± s.e.m. The lamellar thickness (t) was 7.1±0.2 μm (N=30), and the distance between two adjacent lamellae (d) was 29.1±0.3 μm (N=31). All differences between normoxia and hypoxia were significant (P<0.0001).