Table 3.

Measurements of swimming performance (Ucrit) and the recovery ratio (RR) in three adult sockeye salmon stocks and one adult coho salmon stock at their ambient temperature

Ucrit (BL s-1)Ucrit (cm s-1)
GC (Aug-00)2.08±0.05b2.08±0.05b133.0±2.4b132.8±2.5b1.00±0.01
ES (Jun-00)2.36±0.04a2.36±0.07a136.6±3.9a137.0±5.9a1.00±0.03
WVR (Sep-00)1.73±0.07c1.76±0.07c108.6±3.9c112.8±4.2c1.02±0.05
WVR (Oct-00)1.41±0.07d1.41±0.05d89.9±2.5d89.7±2.5d1.00±0.01
CHE (Nov-00)1.68±0.05c1.68±0.05c96.6±2.8c96.4±2.7c1.00±0.01
CHE (Jan-01)1.64±0.03c1.54±0.04c100.1±2.1c94.5±3.3c0.94±0.02
  • GC, Gates Creek stock; ES, Early Stuart stock; WVR, Weaver Creek stock; CHE, Chehalis River stock

    For details of each group, see Table 1

    Recovery ratio RR = Ucrit2/Ucrit1

    The subscripts 1 and 2 refer to the first and second swim tests and values in parentheses represent the averaged value for the first and second swim tests, since there was no significant difference between them

    Significant differences (P<0.05) between groups within a column are denoted by superscript letters following each value