Table 1.

Citrate synthase (CS), creatine phosphokinase (CPK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities in the red and white myotomal muscle of nine shark species

Enzyme activity at 20°C*
Red muscle White muscle
Species (common name)Fork length (cm)Mass (kg)SST (°C)CSLDHCSCPKLDHSource
Isurus oxyrinchus (shortfin mako shark)79-1684.8-49.518-2131.6±1.8 [30]244.3±8.0 [31]2.10±0.05 [31]834.3±22.7 [24]1154.7±35.7 [31]Present study
Lamna ditropis (salmon shark)186-210127-1367-1035.4 (32.5-38.7) [2]249.9 (233.5-266.3) [2]2.63 (2.1-3.2) [2]1254.5 (1172.7-1336.4) [2]Present study
Alopias vulpinus (common thresher shark)73-1376.3-43.118-2127.1±2.8 [6]201.4±21.1 [6]1.29±0.19 [6]642.1 (544.1-740.1) [2]414.8±82.3 [6]Present study
Prionace glauca (blue shark)176-24634-5918-2122.3±6.3 [4]71.4±7.9 [4]1.00±0.04 [4]631.9 [1]150.0±24.1 [4]Present study; Dickson et al. (1993)
Sphyrna lewini (scalloped hammerhead shark)15-460.5-0.823-2533.9±1.1 [10]152.9±12.4 [10]0.87±0.04 [10]646.6±39.7 [10]Present study
Sphyrna tiburo (bonnethead shark)50-600.47-0.7523-28749.8±43.9 [6]Present study
Rhizoprionodon terraenovae (Atlantic sharpnose shark)42-750.1-0.723-28790.2±41.1 [13]924.7±52.3 [8]Present study
Carcharhinus acronotus (Atlantic blacknose shark)56-820.5-3.123-28545.6 (507.8-582.3) [2]1064.9 (985.9-1143.8) [2]Present study
Triakis semifasciata (leopard shark)32-620.1-0.818-2027.1±2.1 [7]189.4±8.2 [9]0.81±0.08 [7]661.2±21.5 [9]Dickson et al. (1993)
  • * Enzyme activities are expressed as μmol substrate converted to product per min (IU) per g wet mass of tissue. Values are means ± s.e.m. except that, when the sample size is 2, data given are means and range (in parentheses). Numbers in brackets are the number of fish analyzed.

  • SST, sea surface temperature.