Table 3.

Ontogenetic scaling of functional variables associated with jumping in three species of Anolis lizards

VariableNInterceptSloperConfidence limits
Anolis equestris
    Take-off velocity9-1.180.720.73*0.331.12
    Peak acceleration9--1.010.37--
    Peak power9-1.350.17--
    Peak force9-6.783.420.93*2.784.07
    Duration of take-off phase9-2.280.740.64*0.301.18
    Take-off angle9-1.090.30--
    Jump distance9-3.041.360.88*-0.553.27
    Contact time distance9-3.461.250.98*0.871.63
    Time to peak power9-0.980.55--
    Time to peak acceleration9-1.060.14-
Anolis sagrei
    Take-off velocity13-0.920.730.65*0.311.14
    Peak acceleration13-0.910.25--
    Peak power13-1.420.47--
    Peak force13-7.394.100.97*3.244.96
    Duration of take-off13-0.740.48--
    Take-off angle13-1.140.33--
    Jump distance13-2.651.390.72*0.672.12
      Contact time distance13-3.241.330.62*0.502.17
    Time to peak power13-0.920.43--
    Time to peak acceleration13--0.470.45-
Anolis carolinensis
    Take-off velocity52-1.120.820.71*0.690.95
    Peak acceleration520.010.950.37*0.721.19
    Peak power52-0.101.590.59*1.221.97
    Peak force52-6.993.890.95*3.494.29
    Duration of take-off52-2.010.620.48*0.430.80
    Take-off angle52-0.920.14--
    Jump distance52-2.901.500.71*1.231.78
    Contact time distance52-*0.901.43
    Time to peak power52-2.280.730.40*0.540.92
    Time to peak acceleration52-2.950.24--
  • Results of reduced major axis regressions of log10-transformed kinesiological data against log10 of hindlimb length for ontogenetic series of the three species included in the present study

  • * denotes significant regressions at the α=0.05 level