Table 2.

Ontogenetic scaling of limb and body proportions in three species of Anolis lizards using data from both live and preserved specimens

VariableNInterceptSloperConfidence limits
Anolis equestris
    Hindlimb length210.000.920.970.781.07
    Forelimb length21-0.180.930.970.791.06
    Femur length21-0.640.980.930.631.34
    Tibia length21-0.630.970.970.861.07
    Metatarsus length21-
    Longest toe length21-0.590.890.840.391.40
    Tail length21-0.851.490.630.822.16
Anolis sagrei
    Hindlimb length300.070.890.970.761.02
    Forelimb length30-0.310.980.970.911.05
    Femur length30-0.470.890.950.771.02
    Tibia length30-0.620.990.970.831.15
    Metatarsus length30-0.750.950.960.781.12
    Longest toe length30-0.460.800.890.561.04
    Mass30-8.11 3.31 0.993.053.58
    Tail length300.011.110.780.731.49
Anolis carolinensis
    Hindlimb length520.05 0.85 0.980.780.92
    Forelimb length52-0.22 0.90 0.960.840.95
    Femur length52-0.51 0.88 0.950.770.99
    Tibia length52-0.53 0.89 0.980.850.94
    Metatarsus length52-0.74 0.89 0.960.820.95
    Longest toe length52-0.60 0.83 0.920.720.94
    Tail length520.111.070.840.881.25
  • Results of reduced major axis regressions of log10-transformed morphometric data against log10 of snout-vent length for ontogenetic series of the three species included in the ontogenetic scaling part. All regressions are significant at the α=0.01 level. Slopes indicated in bold are significantly different from model predictions