Table 1.

Levels of total and phosphorylated eIF2α in H. aspersa hepatopancreas and N. sutor liver

Awake Estivating
Total eIF2αeIF2α(P)RatioTotal eIF2αeIF2α(P)Ratio
H. aspersa 0.82±0.12n.d.<0.1NA0.97±0.09n.d.<0.1NA
N. sutor 2.40±0.350.55±0.150.22±0.114.00±0.55*1.95±0.25*0.52±0.08*
  • The values for total eIF2α and phosphorylated eIF2α [eIF2α(P)] are expressed as ng per 50 mg of post-mitochondrial supernatant protein (means ± s.e.m.; n=6). The ratio is the proportion of the total eIF2α that is phosphorylated (means± s.e.m.; n=6). n.d., not detectable; NA, not applicable. An asterisk denotes that the value is significantly different from its comparative awake value (P<0.05).