Table 1.

ANOVAs assessing dominance status

Independent variable
ANOVA #Dependent variableSexDominance statusRepeated measures (manupulation periods)
1DurationFDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
2AmplitudeFDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
3DurationMDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
4AmplitudeMDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
5DurationM+FDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
6AmplitudeM+FDom/sub/alonePre, interaction, post
  • Independent variables are indicated in bold. One independent variable was sex (in mixed-sex pairs only). The second independent variable (dominance status) had three levels: dom, dominant; sub, subordinate; alone, solitary. The dependent variables' `amplitude' category is the amplitude ratio (A2/A3). Repeated measures categories: pre, pre-interaction period; interaction, social interaction period; post, post-interaction period.