Table 1.

Behavioral analyses of the different periods of maintenance at 15°C

Behavioral categoryMean ± s.d.NminNmax
C1 `motionless'5.8±2.7113
C2 `moving'6.5±1.9211
C3 `active walking/swimming'2.6±1.807
C4 `spasms'00
  • A total of 33 observations was performed throughout the 24 h of Expt 2, the first 5 h of Expt 3 and the first 21 h of Expt 4. All values are assigned to one observation of 15 individuals. Mean ± s.d., mean number of individuals ± standard deviation, based on all 33 sequences; Nmin and Nmax represent the minimum and maximum number of individuals ever observed during one 30 s sequence. According to this table, more than seven individuals actively walking or swimming (C3) would be considered as significantly above the reference level.