Table 5.

Tolerance of hypoxia, and selected metabolic and performance traits for sustained aerobic exercise, in eels exposed for at least 6 weeks to water CO2 partial pressures (PwCO2) of approx. 0.8 mmHg (ambient control), 15±1 mmHg, 30±1 mmHg or 45±1 mmHg

PwCO2 (mmHg)
Approx. 0.815±130±145±1
PwO2crit (mmHg)31±1424±1132±1027±12
IMR (mmol O2 kg-1 h-1)-3.05±0.5573.75±0.343.36±0.58
AMR (mmol O2 kg-1 h-1)14.70±2.2916.81±3.3516.64±2.4015.25±2.37
Aerobic scope (AMR/IMR)4.80±0.376.07±1.154.66±1.005.44±1.26
Ucrit (BL s-1)1.42±0.091.39±0.101.43±0.091.45±0.13
  • 1 mmHg=approx. 0.01316 kPa.

    PwO2crit, critical hypoxic water O2 partial pressure required for maintenance of standard metabolic rate; IMR, immobile metabolic rate; AMR, active metabolic rate; Ucrit, maximum sustainable aerobic swimming speed (please see text for details); BL, body length.

    Values are means ±1 S.E.M., N=8 in all cases.

    There were no significant differences amongst groups for any variable.