Table 3.

Arterial O2 content and ventilatory activity in eels exposed for at least 6 weeks to water CO2 partial pressures (PwCO2) of approx. 0.8 mmHg (ambient control), 15±1 mmHg, 30±1 mmHg or 45±1 mmHg

PwCO2 (mmHg)CaO2 (vol.%)fG (beats min-1)POP (Pa)
Approx. 0.811.6±1.5a34±4a23±9a
  • 1 mmHg=approx. 0.01316 kPa.

    CaO2, arterial total O2 content; fG, gill ventilation frequency; POP, opercular pressure amplitude.

    Values are mean ± 1 S.E.M., N=5-7 determinations.

    A common superscript indicates no significant difference between groups (P>0.05).