Table 1.

Body mass, meal size, standard metabolic rate (SMR), and postfeeding metabolic measures of peak oxygen consumption (O2), scope of peakO2, duration, specific dynamic action (SDA) and SDA coefficient of Burmese pythons (Python molurus) in response to five meal treatments

Meal treatment
VariableIntact ratSteakGround ratLiquid mealInfused ground ratP
Body mass (g)2394±341a2316±434a2429±192a5240±509b1673±275a<0.0001
N 56644
Meal size (% of body mass)25.0±0.125.3±0.0225.0±0.025.0±0.025.0±0.00.41
SMR (ml h-1)56.6±7.856.8±8.557.5±4.4111.6±7.149.4±4.50.53
SMR (ml h-1) adjusted to 2400 g56.6±7.858.4±1.857.2±2.566.0±1.464.2±2.60.052
SMR (ml g-1 h-1)0.024±0.001a0.025±0.001a,b0.024±0.001a0.022±0.001a0.031±0.003b0.008
Peak O2 (ml h-1)963±145a781±160a,b681±68b867±68a229±24c<0.0001
Peak O2 (ml h-1) adjusted to 2400 g965±48a797±77a,b672±34b433±25c328±29c<0.0001
Peak O2 (ml g-1 h-1)0.402±0.021a0.330±0.031a,b0.278±0.013b0.166±0.010c0.139±0.011c<0.0001
Scope of peak O216.8±0.6a13.2±1.5b11.7±0.7b7.7±0.58c4.5±0.2c<0.0001
Duration (days)86666
SDA (kJ)1259±174a1111±203a,b943±87b1196±92a289±38c<0.0001
SDA (kJ) adjusted to 2400 g1269±47a1154±48a938±54b549±29c422±18c<0.0001
SDA (kJ kg-1)528±19a480±20a391±22b231±12c175±7c<0.0001
SDA coefficient26.5±1.0a30.5±1.2a19.5±1.1b14.4±0.8c8.8±1.2d<0.0001
  • Variables are defined in the text. Values are presented as means ± 1 S.E.M.

    For each metabolic measure, superscript letters that differ denote significant (P<0.05) differences between means as determined from post-hoc pairwise comparisons.