Table 2.

Equations for the three-dimensional planes or lines representing the final models of the repeated-measures multiple regression analysis forO2 and each kinematic variable as a function of swimming speed, fish fork length and fish mass

Kinematic variable, yMultiple regression equation
O2 at 18 °C (mg O2 min-1)y=(-0.283±0.214)+(0.0096±0.0026)U+(0.0044±0.0010)M
O2 at 24 °C (mg O2 min-1)y=(-0.746±0.121)+(0.0204±0.0011)U+(0.0044±0.0010)M
Tail-beat frequency (Hz)y=(5.20±0.738)+(0.047±0.002)U+(-0.165±0.034)FL
Tail-beat amplitude (cm)y=(-0.611±0.511)*+(0.012±0.002)U+(0.161±0.024)FL
Tail-beat amplitude (% FL)y=(13.10±0.60)+(0.056±0.008)U
l (cm)y=(-5.15±2.06)+(0.086±0.005)U+(0.639±0.097)FL
λ at 18 °C (cm)y=(-1.17±2.56)+(1.11±0.09)FL
λ at 24 °C (cm)y=(0.98±1.88)*+(1.11±0.09)FL
  • Standard errors (±S.E.M.) are given for each coefficient.

  • The final multiple regression equations for all variables except O2 and λ were the same for chub mackerel at both 18 and 24 °C.

  • * Indicates a coefficient that does not differ significantly from zero (P>0.05).

  • FL, fork length (cm); l, stride length; λ propulsive wavelength; U, swimming speed; M, body mass.