Table 1.

Fork length, mass, maximum continuous swimming speed, net cost of transport and linear and exponential regression equations for the plots of rate of oxygen consumption versus swimming speed for individual chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) at 18°C

FL (cm)Mass (g)(cm s-1)(FL s-1)COTnet (J kg-1 km-1)Linear fitr2PExponential fitr2P
15.63460.03.84617y=0.007x-0.1300.956<0.001y=0.022×100.019x 0.980 <0.001
15.83867.54.33550y=0.006x+0.068 0.962 <0.001y=0.128×100.009x0.925<0.001
17.75067.53.84461y=0.010x-0.0680.937<0.001y=0.094×100.012x 0.986 <0.001
18.05075.04.23218y=0.007x-0.011 0.949 <0.001y=0.093×100.011x 0.953 <0.001
19.25452.52.73368y=0.008x+0.0320.931<0.01y=0.114×100.012x 0.974 <0.001
19.37167.53.53392y=0.011x-0.028 0.808 <0.01y=0.150×100.010x0.671<0.025
19.87775.03.84190y=0.014x-0.037 0.796 <0.01y=0.171×100.011x0.781<0.01
23.010767.52.93494y=0.017x-0.207 0.875 <0.01y=0.094×100.016x0.736<0.05
24.814597.53.92904y=0.019x-0.2690.930<0.001y=0.206×100.009x 0.957 <0.001
25.616282.53.21621y=0.012x+0.0540.798<0.01y=0.279×100.007x 0.842 <0.01
26.217082.53.11073y=0.008x+0.3430.716<0.025y=0.447×100.004x 0.733 <0.025
26.317967.52.61186y=0.009x+0.794 0.825 <0.025y=0.865×100.003x0.818<0.025
  • Corresponding data for chub mackerel at 24 °C are in Sepulveda and Dickson (2000).

  • The y-intercept of each linear regression and the coefficient a of the exponential regression (y=a×10bx) can be used as estimates of the rate of oxygen consumption at zero speed (standard metabolic rate) for each individual.

  • For each individual, the bold r2 value indicates the better fit.

  • FL, fork length; Umax,c, maximum continuous swimming speed (see text); COTnet, net cost of transport.

  • For the regressions, the rate of oxygen consumption, y, is in mg O2 min-1 and swimming speed, x, is in cm s-1.