Table 1.

Correlation matrix of variables analyzed in the multiple regression analysis

TOV (cm s-1)Lean body mass (g)Residual fat massResidual HLLResidual muscle massType IIx isoform content
Lean body mass-000-0.420
Residual fat mass--0.1400.0080.119
Residual HLL-0.028-0.142
Residual muscle mass--0.421
  • Residuals of hind limb length (HLL), fat mass and extensor muscle mass were calculated from linear regression analyses of each of these variables vs. lean body mass. Lean mass = body mass - (body fat content × body mass). N=18 cats unless otherwise specified. N=17 cats for which the quantity of myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoform IIx was measured. Two-tailed P values are listed beneath correlation coefficients. P values designated with an asterisk indicate significant correlations at α=0.033 [based on the Bonferroni method of controlling multiple comparison error rates; α=0.05 is divided by 15 (the number of comparisons made)]. TOV, maximum takeoff velocity.