Table 5.

Recovery from lateral perturbations

Significantly different, perturbed step (number of trials)*Significantly different, step after perturbation (number of trials)Mean number of steps to recoveryNumber of trials recovering within first stepPhase of perturbation in step when animal recovered within first step (%)Phase of perturbation in step when animal did not recover within first step (%)Time to recovery (ms)
Fore—aft velocity682.0±1.0 (4)234±4838±2599±45 (5)
Lateral velocity1161.6±1.0 (9)516±1554±2327±12 (9)
Vertical velocity1081.9±1.0 (7)363±2628±2348±24 (8)
Yaw velocity681.3±0.5 (5)12938±3037±15 (5)
Pitch velocity992.3±1.1 (7)260±3632±2541±40 (7)
Roll velocity8113 (1)0NA37±30101±17 (3)
  • Values are means ± S.D.

    Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of samples used in the comparison.

    NA, not applicable.

  • * 11 trials were used in the analysis.