Table 4.

Phase relationships among legs during unperturbed and perturbed running

UnperturbedDuring perturbationPAfter perturbationP
Ipsilateral legs
Left front in left middle52±5 (8)52±7 (5)0.8753±5 (8)0.89
Left middle in left hind48±4 (8)45±3 (5)0.1947±3 (7)0.73
Right front in right middle53±6 (8)56±4 (5)0.3350±8 (7)0.51
Right middle in right hind45±3 (8)45±3 (3)0.8446±8 (7)0.67
Contralateral legs
Left front in right front50±5 (8)48±6 (5)0.5651±4 (6)0.72
Left middle in right middle51±3 (8)50±3 (6)0.5448±6 (7)0.27
Left hind in right hind48±2 (8)50±7 (4)0.5452±5 (7)0.09
  • `Left front in left middle' indicates that the value corresponds to the phase during the step cycle of the left middle leg (touchdown-to-touchdown) at which the left front leg touches down and begins stance. For this comparison, the left middle leg is the `reference leg'. The leg listed second is the reference leg for each comparison.

    Values are percentages of the stride period of the reference leg.

    Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of samples used in the comparison.