Table 1.

Size of model wings and thrips' wing

Wingc (mm)xw/cd/ccm/cch1/cch2/ctm/cS (mm2)D/dn
Bristled model603.05×10-32×10-11.8×10-16.2×10-110-22.9×1031051
Solid model603.0----10-21.1×104--
  • c, chord length; xw, wing length; d, diameter of bristles or cylinders; cm, membrane width; ch1, length of bristles or cylinders on the leading edge; ch2, length of bristles or cylinders on the trailing edge; tm, thickness of the wing; S, wing surface area; D, distance between neighbouring bristles or cylinders; n, the number of bristles or cylinders.

  • * Data for the thrips' wing were obtained by Tanaka (1995).