Table 1.

Response of ligatured flies to bursicon or cyclic AMP

% Tanning
SolutionWild typerk4/rk4
Saline0 (10)0 (10)
Bursicon100 (10)0 (16)
cAMP100 (6)92 (13)
  • Saline solutions containing either bursicon or 8-Br-cAMP (100-200 pmoles) were injected into neck-ligatured wild-type or mutant (rk4/rk4) flies.

    % Tanning, the percentage of animals that responded to the injection by melanizing their cuticle; the number of animals injected is given in parentheses.

    Bursicon was extracted from Sarcophaga bullata nervous system and approximately 0.13 nervous system equivalents were injected into each fly.