Table 2.

Properties of skeletal muscle mitochondria from control and overwintering frogs

Mitochondrial propertiesChange during overwintering submergence (%)
CS activity1-52
State 3 rate2-58
State 4 rate2-52
Proton leak rate3-51
State 3 P50 value2-55
State 4 P50 value20
  • The change during overwintering submergence represents the difference between values for control and 4-month-hypoxic submerged frogs as a percentage of the control value.

    Citrate synthase (CS) P50 values express the Km values for oxygen for the isolated mitochondria.

  • 1 St-Pierre and Boutilier (2001); 2St-Pierre et al. (2000b), data taken from experiments performed at 3 °C; 3St-Pierre et al. (2000a).