Table 2.

In vitro motility assay for carp myosin isoforms and their chimera

MyosinMotility (μm s-1)ChimeraMotility (μm s-1)
10 °C-acclimated carp3.32Loop 1-101.30
Loop 2-101.29
30 °C-acclimated carp2.25Loop 2-101.27
Loop 2-301.29
Wild type1.29
  • In vitro motility assay was carried out with actin-containing filaments over glass slides covered with myosin.

    Myosins were prepared from fast skeletal muscle of carp acclimated to 10 and 30 °C (Chaen et al., 1996).

    Chimeric myosins were prepared from Dictyostelium discoideum backbone with loop 1 sequences from carp 10 °C- (loop 1-10) and 30° C-type S1 (loop 1-30) and with loop 2 sequences from carp 10 °C- (loop 2-10) and 30 °C-type S1 (loop 2-30).