Table 2.

Characteristics of the series elastic component

High-stiffness region
Stiffness (ΔP/P0)/(ΔL/L0)28.3±1.5
Compliance (ΔL/L0)/(ΔP/P0)0.036±0.002
Low-stiffness region
Stiffness (ΔP/P0)/(ΔL/L0)9.68±0.89
Compliance (ΔL/L0)/(ΔP/P0)0.108±0.010
Intercept (L0)-0.050±0.003
  • Values are means ± S.E.M., N=7 fibre bundles.

    Values of stiffness and compliance are from the two regions of the stress/strain curves for the series elastic component of the fibre bundles.

    Intercept is the amount of shortening that reduced stress from P0 to zero, where P0 is the maximum isometric force, which is produced at fibre length L0. See Fig. 7 and text.