Table 3.

Force/velocity characteristics and power from red and white fibres of dogfish

Red fibresNWhite fibresN
A Observed P0 and fitted values
P0 (kN m-2)142.4±10.335289.2±8.425
Vmax (L0 s-1)1.814±0.07173.8±0.213
a/P 0 0.269±0.02470.274±0.0207
b/V max 0.225±0.02470.236±0.0227
b (L0 s-1)0.404±0.0417NA
B Values calculated from observed P0 and fitted values
Maximum power
At V/Vmax0.30±0.31
Maximum power
(W kg-1)28.6±122.2
Velocity at maximum0.544±1.178
power (L0 s-1)
  • Values are means ± S.E.M.

    (A) P0, maximum isometric force produced at fibre length L0 from experiments reported here for red and white fibres. Vmax and P0* are the intercepts and a and b are the constants found by fitting the hyperbolic Hill relationship to the force/velocity results reported here for red fibres (see text).

    Corresponding values for the force/velocity relationship for white fibres are from Curtin and Woledge (1988).

    Values that are not available are indicated NA.

    (B) Maximum power and velocity and force at maximum power calculated from the values in A.