Table 3.

P-values and trends from sequential (Type 1) ANOVA (d.f. in Table 1) results for speed and gait

Speed Gait
P valueTrendP-valueTrend
   Onset (ms)0.960.68
   Onset (% of stance)<0.01*Increasing relative onset0.46
   Offset (ms)0.280.72
   Offset (% of stance)0.230.98
   EMG amplitude<0.0001*Increasing0.17
   EMG duty factor<0.0001*Increasing0.05*Trot, gallop>walk
   Onset (ms)0.160.70
   Onset (% of stance)<0.01*Decreasing relative offset0.70
   Offset (ms)<0.0001*Decreasing0.03*Trot<gallop, walk
   Offset (% of stance)0.250.56
   EMG amplitude<0.0001*Increasing0.65
   EMG duty factor<0.0001*Increasing0.35
  • Differences among gait types were determined by Tukey's HSD tests performed post hoc

  • * Statistically significant values