Table 1.

Mediolateral peak substrate reaction forces (in body weight units)

Inner Outer
    L. catta
        Ground0.075±0.025 (4)-0.088±0.004 (2)--0.278±0.013 (27)P<0.05P<0.001
        Branch0.111±0.017 (2)---0.104±0.054 (13)nsP<0.001
    E. patas, ground
        Combined sexes0.077±0.034 (13)-0.008 (1)--0.120±0.057 (18)nsP<0.001
        Female0.056±0.039 (5)---0.137±0.055 (13)nsP<0.001
        Male0.065±0.026 (8)-0.008 (1)--0.077±0.041 (5)nsP<0.001
    L. catta
        Ground0.151±0.103 (8)-0.236±0.097 (7)0.222 (1)-0.410±0.184 (46)P<0.01P<0.001
        Branch--0.252±0.043 (25)--P<0.001
    E. patas, ground
        Combined sexes0.113±0.025 (17)-0.108±0.058 (13)0.071±0.015 (10)-0.155±0.064 (9)nsns
        Female0.109±0.033 (6)-0.166±0.070 (4)--0.221±0.130 (2)nsns
        Male0.114±0.021 (12)-0.083±0.030 (9)0.071±0.015 (10)-0.136±0.027 (7)P<0.01ns
  • The outer contacts are sidestep turns, the inner contacts crossover turns.

    - indicates a limb use never observed.

    Values are means ± s.d. (N).

    ANOVA, P-values for comparison of mean peak reaction forces on forelimbs or hindlimbs; χ2, P-values for row-by-column tests of frequency distributions against random distributions; ns, not significant.