Table 2.

Fin angles for all individuals with intact and reduced pectoral fins at different times during the trial

VariableIntact finReduced finF value (d.f.=1,3)P value
Pectoral anglemax70±3.2112±
Pelvic anglemax52±6.544±
Median anglemax74±3.283±
Pectoral angleMJP38±2.069±
Caudal angleMJP18±2.628±
Median angleMJP55±4.763±
Pectoral anglestop68±3.7111±
Caudal anglestop25±3.939±
Pelvic anglestop38±3.431±
Median anglestop65±3.870±
Pectoral fin prot. (degrees s-1)490±56957±826.30.09
  • Values are means ± s.e.m.; N=19 for intact and N=18 for reduced pectoral fins. The F values are from the two-way ANOVAs performed separately on each variable.

    MJP, maximum jaw protrusion; pectoral fin prot., pectoral fin protraction velocity for 50 ms prior to stopping.

    Unless stated otherwise, all values are in degrees.