Table 2.

Swimming speed UL of hagfish as a function of the midline kinematic variables, determined by multiple regression

Independent variable (d.f.)Sum of squares (s.s.)F ratioP
Individual (7)0.07913.170.078
κ0 (1)0.01012.830.137
ω (1)0.038710.82 0.013
λκ/2 (1)0.00120.340.455
y0,11 (1)0.00220.620.455
y0,30 (1)0.00822.300.173
α0 (1)0.00310.860.384
δy-α (1)0.00401.130.324
δy-κ (1)0.00030.110.755
Summary of fitANOVAF ratioP
N=23Model s.s.=0.39857.44
r2=0.941, adj. r2=0.814Error s.s.=0.0250 0.006
  • adj., adjusted.

    P<0.05 is significant and indicated as such in bold, N=23.

    In a post-hoc univariate regression, UL=0.3178+0.0419ω (r2=0.460, adj. r2=0.434; P=0.0004).

    See List of symbols for definitions of variables and units.