Table 1.

Comparison of body mass, length and EMavg values for lean and lipid-location groups from sample one (lipid-location effects on device output)

Mass (g)78.13±0.03a77.12±0.19b77.12±0.19b77.24±0.09b76.90±0.32b
Length (mm)104.1±0.67a104.3±0.45a104.3±0.45a103.7±0.36a104.0±0.40a
EMavg value (unit-less)49.7±0.4a41.0±0.5b43.9±0.8c35.5±0.4d24.3±0.8e
  • Different letters indicate significant difference between groups (per variable) (P<0.05, N=11). Values are means ± S.E.M.

  • * Head/tail EM comparison was calculated using a paired t-test (same specimens). All other comparisons were calculated using analysis of variance (ANOVA).